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Magento as Catalog only
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I’m preparing new project. My plan is to have online catalog of products from more suppliers from my city. I would like to know can Magento do this:

1. Totally remove E-commerce functionality from fronted. Remove Add to Cart buttons, remove basket..I just need catalog with prices.

2. If I understand correctly Magento don’t have (yet) multi vendor functionality so I would like to translate Manufactures to Vendors so that when user click on some vendor from list he will receive just products from that vendor. But I would like that when user browsing some categories (which display products from all vendors) he can see which vendor this product belong. Just like this page on demo: bellow product images to display vendors name and logo. Is that possible?

3. On product details page
I would like to display Vendors name, address and store location where user can purchase that product.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestion.

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