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Power Reviews (Bazzarvoice)
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I’m currently trying to implement/install power reviews for our website. We use magento community 1.7, with a template that uses ajax. I have no trouble displaying the reviews snippet on our product pages. I am, however, having difficulty display the snippets onto our category pages.  My best guess is that there is a conflict with javascripts, but we have had no luck working around this issue.  We have also tried the tech support provided work around:

<div id="pr_snippet_category_12345">
<script type="text/javascript\">
POWERREVIEWS.display.snippet({ write : function(content) { $(’div#pr_snippet_category_12345’).append(content); } }, {
pr_page_id : ‘12345’,
pr_snippet_min_reviews : ‘1’

Along with the snippet not appearing under each product on our category pages, the functionality to select other pages of the same category (i.e. go to page 2,3,4 etc.) no longer works with any of the snippet code on our page.

Also on a slightly separate issue, we are confused as to which url to provide for the write a review page section of the power review implementation instructions.

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