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Improve back-end search
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Hi all,

Currently im using magento as i would like to get rid of the virtuemart system. many people have several reasons for this but what i really like is the attribute system, its great! People can find anything on the easy way. My webshop contains about 3000-4000 products but managing the products is a little difficult…

When i manage these products there’s the possibility to search on ID, name, sort, attribute set etcetera… but what i can’t understand is why i can’t even select a category to easily manage these products in my magento back-end? Also it would be a huge improvement if i could add some attributes like brand, size, color, material etcetera to the product list on the magento back end. if i could add these attributes to the product back end i could definitely manage my products easier.

I hope somebody could help me, this would save a lot of time for me so i can sell the products instead of wasting time searching them.
Maybe there is a extension or something but i just can’t find anything like this. that’s the reasing i’m asking here.

Kind regards,

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