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Magento Call For Price - Buyers will contact using a simple form to know price of the product
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An offshore Magento development company Indies Services specializes in extensions development, code and theme customization and search engine marketing. Magento Call for Price is a unique extension that can be used to enhance the buyer’s experience on your store. Instead of fixed price of a product Call for price module allows price negotiations between buyer and the store owner. The price of a product/service is removed and the shoppers can contact you to decide the price of the product they want to buy.

Check out some of the features of this Extension:

- Easy to install and configure
- Removes the price of a product from store front and replaces the ‘Add to cart’ button with ‘Call for price’ clicking on which allows the buyer to send an email to the store owner.
- You can change the label of the ‘Call for price’ button to any other text you like.
- Admin can display customized message per product
- Products enabled for Call for price extension are removed from Magento’s default ‘Price Filter’
- Easy to assign products to call for price module. Keep price = 0.
- Update products in bulk for call for price
- \"Replacement Text\” is compatible with HTML.
- The extension is compatible with any Magento theme as long as the theme doesn’t make changes in core templates.

For more features and information about this module:
You can also contact us for customizing this module as per your requirements: Contact Us

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