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Solution for Magento Social Bookmarking Extension
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Joined:  2009-09-01

Like many of us, we had problems with this extension along with being able to view / post to in their documentation.  After digging around I found where many folks will run into errors.

According to the developer you should add in some code to

frontend / your store / default / template / catalog / view.phtml

This MIGHT work if you don’t have the EasyTabs extension installed. 

IF you DO, then what you actually need to do is open up:

frontend / your store / default / template / easytabs / catalogproductview.phtml

and then add in this code:

<!-- social bookmark -->
<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('bookmarks') ?>

The code that was on the developer’s site was BORKED. Malformed and probably wouldn’t work.

After I did this I refreshed my site and blammo!  Social bookmarks :D

Good luck and hope this helps!

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