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Working with Catalog Price Rules for visitors who are NOT LOGGED IN…
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Hi there,

I am trying to use the Catalog Price Rules to apply discounts for visitors who are not customers and who are not logged in.  Whenever I create the rule I select, the “NOT LOGGED IN” as the Customer Group.  I then set the other properties and click on “Save & Apply”.  It does not reflect the rule that I created on the Front end.  When I edit this rule none of the options under the Customer Group area are selected.

My question is, is my magento installation wacky, or are you not able to make Catalog Price Rules that will be applied to visitors who are not logged in?


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London, United Kingdom


yes ive just noticed the same issue. If i set all the parameters say for exmaple a Price rule for “NOT LOGGED IN” customer, the rule does not save correctly.

what i did to work around the issue was go into the following tables.


there is a field called customer_group_id

set this to 0 as this is the NOT LOGGED IN customer group

the rule will now work.

there seems to be an issue with these tables. As the header table have a field defined as a text field, whereas the detail tables are set to int field


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Same here w/ ver
When creating a new catalog price rule, it appears to neglect the NOT LOGGED IN customer group (id=0).
Even when i manually set customer_group_id = 0 in SQL tables (catalogrule_product and catalogrule_product_price), it has no affect on frontend price calcs.
My solution (perhaps temporary) was to create a new customer group ("Guest", name not important).
The “Guest” customer group had an id of 4.

I then created a local extension of Mage_Customer_Model_Group w/ contents of which as follows:

class [LocalNamespace]_Customer_Model_Group extends Mage_Customer_Model_Group
const NOT_LOGGED_IN_ID = 4; //default = 0

Not clear what impacts, if any, this will have on other areas, so proceed w/ caution. Nevertheless, seems to have fix magento catalog price rule.

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