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SOAP and Magento
Jr. Member
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I’m pretty new to Magento (but quite experienced using SOAP) so my questions seems
probably a bit complicated and/or stupid but I wand to avoid starting in wrong direction smile

I want to write a Magento plugin that needs to communicate with my own site both
ways. I have to get data from Magento and Magento has to send data my site.

For the latter I’m developing a soap service on my side, with which the plugin can talk
to get data. To avoid reentering the credentials for my site every time the plugin
wants to talk to my server the user has to enter its credentials the first time he
uses the plugin and my site sends some hmac-key or so that gets stored in the
Magento database and that’s used to authenticate any further communication.

And for the direction from my site to Magento I could use the Magento SOAP API?
But if I understand the documentation I need to create a SOAP user in Magento?
Has this to be done manually or is it possible to create this user via the api
e.g. the first time the plugin is being used and send this created user to my
site where it gets stored. I want to avoid that whoever wants to use the plugin
has to do multiple steps to get it up and running (installing the plugin, creating
a SOAP user, entering the credentials for the SOAP user somewhere on my site) instead
of just installing the plugin and everything is ready for use… Or is some other
way to authenticate with the Magento SOAP API?

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