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Add a custom message during checkout. 
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Joined:  2008-04-23

I posted this on the “How do I?” forums, but I think this is actually the right place…

I have been trying to launch the site but I keep running into problems with FedEx shipping.  It seems as though it only requests a quote from FedEx for the total weight of the shipment, not each package, which brings back the wrong price, usually a lot lower than it should be.  So I guess I will wait until a newer FedEx extension comes along.  For now I would like to add a disclaimer during checkout.  I’m just not sure how. 

I want to let customers know that the shipping is just an estimate and actual charges will apply on the day of the shipment.  I want it to go right next to the shipping prices here:

Checkout/Shipping Method

Thank you for the help, in advance.  I love Magento and the community and I look forward in seeing where it goes.  Also, if anyone has any ideas on the FedEx thing let me know.


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