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“Dropping in” store frontend components into exisitng site? 
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I did some searching on this but wasn’t able to turn up anything concrete, but is it possible in any way to take the components of the magento store (shopping cart, checkout process, account creation, ect) and drop them into an existing website that exists outside of the magento application?

I have multiple existing sites that are managed by an in-house developed CMS and need an e-commerce solution for certain areas of the site, however I do not want to have to convert them totally to use Magentos CMS and templating systems, rather I want to kind of bootstrap the necessary components of the magento frontend into my sites. Is this at all possible? And what steps would I need to take to accomplish this? I really like how robust Magento’s backend is, It is just not feasible to completely reworked these sites to use it.


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