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Magento Connect 404
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This is kind of an odd issue, i’ve been working on Magento for a few days now, still using the default theme and I used magento connect a few times (dont get errors when using it). I installed the moneybookers gateway & seemed to install fine i’ve filled in all the info on the admin page. When I go to test it (buy test product) I get an error

template/moneybookers/form.phtml[function.include]failed to

Kept it short because I know what the error is, the template files arent there, i’ve checked every theme they just aren’t on the server. Where can I get these? Back to the other error, ever since this error appeared the Magento Connect link is a 404, everything else on the site is working & links are fine. I’ve reset the cache etc and no joy.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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