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Photo Gallery by FME
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Dear all

At work I have installed Photo Gallery by FME for a customer of ours. Unfortunately I am unable to give my customer the rights to manage his photo albums. In the role section, I have set all the role that are available for the Photo Gallery Extension. But the customer just does not see the Gallery manager in his account.

I begin to think it is a bug in the config.xml and/or system.xml. Unfortunately I haven’t got the code here at home. But please, anyone have ever experienced this with this Photo Gallery? Or maybe someone can point out to a better extension?

FME suport does not reply to my e-mails, so I am trying the forums because of this reason.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Maarten Baars

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You had sent lot of requests and we fulfill them all on priority. Last ticket you sent to us was on Oct 17th with ref number “833143” , as per our records, on 18th Oct, we requested some information from you, but you never replied back.

Its very often that customers do not reply back with requested information timely and face delays. If you need a timely solution, please respond timely.

Please login to FME support and provide required information so that we may resolve your issue. Please do not reply back on emails. Every ticket is assigned to a dedicated developer who takes care of it on priority.

Best Regards

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