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How to get Magento to change the product description as well as the product image with configurable products? 
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Hello all,

I have yet to find any other posts related to this, so I’m hoping to get some assistance from those who are more intelligent than I in the areas of PHP/SQL.
I implemented this:
into my web site, and all is good there, but a few of my products not only have different pictures, they also have different descriptions as well.
Is there a way to get Magento to not only change the product image based on user selection within configurable products, but also the product description (Quick/Short Description) as well?
If so, how would I go about doing it?  I’ve tinkered with it, and come up with nothing but PHP-related errors so far, so I’m going to leave it alone before I break something… confused

Thanks for any and all assistance in advance!!
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