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A few magento questions. Image uploads, bespoke calculations and image please. 
Jr. Member
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Birmingham, UK


We are a bespoke software house in the UK and are currently trying to evaluate Magento for an eCommerce project. I have a few questions, and would greatly appreciate any pointers, or suggestions you can give.

Firstly, when a customer is purchasing an item from our clients shop, they require that the user be able to upload an image file which will be sent to them, or recorded by the system, which will be printed on the goods they are purchasing. Has this been done before? Can be this achieved through existing Magento functionality or via a plugin? Or would it require some development?

Secondly, part of the order process may require that some special calculations be done to arrive at a price for a product, as part of the product will include some bespoke printing or soemthing similar. While this may be possible by using configurable products etc, if it ends up being more complex than that, what’s the best way to approach this as a piece of development? Are they any tutorials for extending the order process? Can you think of any other options?

Thirdly, our client has a large amount of products to import which we have in excel spreadsheet form. Each product also has images accociated with it. What is the best way to import images for a product set? Can this be done as part of any import, avioding manually attatching image files etc?

Any help you can give would be appriciated, or any tutorials, examples or ideas etc.

Thanks in advance,

James Timbrell

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