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Not using Magento’s checkout
Chris Farley
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Joined:  2008-03-09

I would like to use Magento for our on-line catalog. However, I don’t want to use Magento’s checkout features. When a user clicks ‘checkout’, I would like to send the contents of the shopping cart to a different server, and redirect the customer to checkout on a different (custom-programmed) site.

The reason for this is that my business has a highly customized backend for taking orders (it handles gift certificates and does some somewhat complicated shipping calculations), and I would like to not reinvent the wheel. Our backend system is highly integrated into several systems in our warehouse and accounting departments, and I just don’t think it is feasible for us to use Magento for the checkout process at this time.

I’ve been playing around with the event dispatch system, and it looks like I can use it to send the cart contents to another system via web services/xmlrpc or what not.

At the same time, I would love to continue using great Magento features like the wishlist, the customer reviews, etc.

It looks like I would have to:
- synchronize authentication details (username/passwords) between Magento and our existing checkout system
- remove or restrict access to Magento’s ‘account details’ pages.
- get the cart contents transmitted to the alternate checkout system
- redirect the customer the the alternate checkout page

There’s probably some stuff I am forgetting.

I was just hoping that somebody with some Magento experience could comment on the difficulty of this task. I’m trying to decide whether to do it myself, hire it out, or abandon this approach and try something else…


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