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HELP::Retrieve attribute value and/or label from product list
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Joined:  2009-04-21

Im trying now for several days how to retrieve the attributes from a product list-page.
I managed to get all the attributes but thats not what i want, i only want to have the available attributes for that listed page.

I got a car shop and im using several attributes on it, like ‘manufacturers,audio_brands,colors,etc’ for my layered navigation that i have build. On every product page an attribute is added for those product to be used in the layered navigation, never more than one attribute. Now i only want to retrieve the attribute that is used for those product on that product page. I know i can retrieve the attributes the ugliest way but i want to do it the magento way. This is the last thing i need to know than my layered-navigation is ready and fully working.

Im sure that the piece of code (snippet) that i need must be easy to implement.

(When my Layered navigation is ready i will contribute my code and setup to the community smile )

Does someone got a clue? (sorry for my bad english)

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