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how to link attributes to other details
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Let’s say that I create an attribute called “media_type”. Media Type includes value such as “A” and “B”, where “A” = audio, “B” = book, and so forth. The database that I have from my wholesaler only includes the values “A”, “B”, etc.
I want customers to be able to see this field in the front end, but I need to translate “A” into “audio and “B” into book. Thus, how do I set up my attributes?

I know that I can create an attribute such as “media_type” and select “multiple select” under “input type”. Then I can add values for my attribute (such as “A” and “B"). But I still need to translate these values for my customers. Any ideas?

OK, after fuddling around, I have a short-term solution. I created my attribute with “multiple select” so that I could add my various options (e.g., “A”, “B”, etc.). I put these values into the “admin view,” but used description in the other views. For example, I have “A” for admin view and “audio” for default view. Thus the attribute appears as “audio in the front end, but “A” when exported.

The only problem I still have is that I don’t know what to do when my attribute options are very long. For example, books are often part of a “series,” which could be any one of thousands. There’s got to be a way to upload this list of options directly into the database.

note to moderator: this post may be more appropriate for the “how to” forum. I can’t move it myself and I don’t want to double post.

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