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Zooz Announces the Launch of Zooz Web Checkout EXPRESS Paymentâ„¢ Extension
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Zooz payments is about to launch a new checkout extension that revolutionizes the user experience in the checkout stage of your e-commerce site. Zooz Web Checkout EXPRESS Paymentâ„¢ Extension is the first solution that optimizes the payment process for e-commerce sites, frontend to backend.

The core features of Zooz’s new extension include:

• EXPRESS Payment™- Unique feature enabling user to pay with a click without having to register or create an account based on device recognition and authentication technology and without forcing the merchant to meet strict PCI compliance requirements.

• Simplified Shipping - Leveraging geo-location features to make it easy for the user to submit his shipping address, thus reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.

• Multiple Payment Methods- Support for alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Dwolla, Klarna, Qiwi and more.

• Fraud Prevention - Enhanced fraud detection based on patent pending security technology

• A processor of your choice – Dozens of Payment Processors for you to choose from: FirstData, Be2Bill, Caixa Catalonya, Stripe, PayPal, Paymill, Fat Zebra and more.

The Zooz benefits for Magento e-commerce merchants include an optimized user experience, enhanced security and endless flexibility for your business. 

For more information about Zooz, visit

Feel free to ask questions about the new extension in this topic thread below.

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