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Magento Partial Payment - Extension for Pre Order, Pre Payment and Upfront
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Indies brings you yet another great extension for payment methods from our development team. Magento Partial Payment extension allows the buyers to make payments in two or more steps. Using standard payment methods provided by Magento partial payment extension supports automatic payment capture as well at it could be useful to buy backorder items since our extension can generate multiple invoices for each partial payment done. Partial payment supports all types of products and the configuration is handled entirely by the admin.

Check out some of the features of this Extension:

Feature list for Administrators:
- Partial payment facility can be set as optional by the admin
- Multiple invoices can be created for multiple payment installments
- All types of products can be bought with partial payment. Admin can enable partial payment with single, selected or all products.
- A minimum of total order amount can be set by admin to enable partial payment
- Surcharge fee can be collected for each installment as set by admin
- Discounts can be awarded to the customers on fulfillment of certain conditions like when a buyer orders any product that is out of stock or when he/she pays the first installment.
- The remaining installments can be automatically captured by the extension provided that the payment gateways support it.
- Partial payment can be enabled for a particular set of customers and the admin can set each customer’s credit limit
- Orders for products enabled with partial payment can be processed from backend
- Payment installment duration can be set by the admin

Feature list for Buyers:
- Customers can pay the amount of their order in two or more installments
- Customers can pay with any type of currency.
- Number of installments can be selected by the customers
- Get invoices of amount paid in each installment so multiple invoice can be given to the buyer
- Buyers get discounts on purchase of products under various conditions such as buying out of stock products or even when paying first time.
- On some occasions the buyer can ask for his/her product to be processed from backend by the admin

For more features and information about this module:
You can also contact us for customizing this module as per your requirements: Contact Us

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1_product view page.jpgmagento-partial-payment.jpg2_Product View Page when Flexy Payment selected.jpg3_Product View Page when Fixed or 2 installment selected.jpg4_Cart Page.jpg5_Partial Payment when Whole Cart selected.jpg6_When Registered Customers Only selected in 'Partial Payment Availale To' Option.jpg7_checkout Page.jpg8_Error message when Customer exceeds Credit Limit.jpg9_My Account Page - Partially Paid Orders.jpg10_My Account - To pay remaining installments.jpg11_Partially Paid orders in Admin.jpg
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