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Product listing customization
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Hello there..

I am a Magento user and I would like to know whether the mentioned below is possible to do:

1) Product Title: Can this be split into two? Like having for instance:
Band name (in bold) and album title (in italics). Example: Metallica Load

Do I have to add something like an extra field? and how?

2) The product section contains the small description and the full description. The small description works as a
summary in the search results or when you view products as in list.  Is there an option to hide that brief product
when accessing the full product detail, and leaving only the long description instead?

3) My project will feature 3 payment methods, and I would like to give a 5% discount if somebody opt to pay via
one particular payment method
. Is there an option or a module which I can use to enable such feature?

I think that’s all at the moment.  All answers and cooperation are mostly welcome smile
Thanks for your time and help.


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