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E-Postmallar/Transaktions Email
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Joined:  2009-09-18

Undrar om någon har haft motsvarande problem: (tacksam för förslag)

Trying translate the transactional emails into 4 different languages.
First I tried to edit the language files with an HTML editor, the language files I have downloaded have not had the email templates translated.
After I uploaded them for instance the share wishlist didn’t work.
Then I saw that one could edit them via the back-end, so decided to try that.
What I cannot understand is that one has to give the email template a new name.
So tested saving the share wishlist under a different name and then went to configuration and selected the new email template to be sent.
This time the share wishlist was sent with both Swedish and English text in it, however I only modified the subject line. When I look at the email template there absolutely no Swedish in the code/template. Anyone know how this is possible or can explain how it works.

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