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I had to kill mageCoreErrorHandler - I’m not sorry! 
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Joined:  2008-01-04

I couldn’t stand seeing one more “Headers already sent error”. It was taunting me, it was toying with me and I couldn’t get any work done! It drove me downright freaking batty! So, after trying to chase down the demon line by line, bit by bit, I had to cut that cancerous little bugger out of there and delete the body of the mageCoreErrorHandler. That’s right, I chopped it out and all that’s left is a shell:

function mageCoreErrorHandler($errno$errstr$errfile$errline){

And I have to say that finally full functionality has been restored. I don’t know if I’d recommend this step for everyone, just letting everyone know that this is how desperate one man became. I know that this is not a “rampant” problem, but I do see more and more cases of it cropping up. The old “white space” fix wasn’t doing it either.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend these actions if you don’t understand what the function does and/or how to restore it. At this point in my life, I think I can live without it though, or I might be wrong. In the future, if I find out I can’t live without it, <i><b>maybe</i></b> I’ll resurrect it...<i><b>maybe</i></b>

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