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New to Magento… Just a few questions
Scott Hein
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-04-16
Saline, MI

Hello all!  I am brand new to Magento, so, I was wondering if it would be possible to ask a few questions, before absolutely committing myself to a brand new platform.
Firstly, I am looking at Magento because I am currently using Volusion (v4) which has been a nightmare trying to customize.  That being said, my boss wants to go with something that is more open.  I have extensive programming experience, though, not necessarily in an OO php setting.  So… after downloading the demo (all 6,000 files), I have concerns about how easy Magento is customize, and what resources are available to make sense of the overall structure.
Any place anyone could steer me here would be greatly appreciated…
Right now, our site is doing a lot of business, and my boss sees only the “big” picture in regards to time of deployment, and what it will cost him to pay for my time spend customizing.
Some of the things he tells me are absolutely essential to a new platform (that so far, I can’t seem to find in Magento) are:

1.  Easy recieving of products (should be easy to mod, once i understand the structure)
2.  Printable/Emailable purchase oders.
3.  FED-EX and UPS export/import with Magento (ability for customers to track orders).
4.  Remove ability to ship to either Alaska and Hawaii (maybe I can delete these records from DB???)

I am amazed at everything that Magento does have included stock, and I do think that it is the best options I’ve seen as a starting place for custom development of a “perfect” fit for us.

Thanks for any help you can give me!  It is much appreciated!!


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