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Core files messed up -safest way to upgrade to 1.7 from 1.6
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-10-11

I have a magento 1.6 setup but somehow some of my core files got deleted or messed up, still the store runs fine.Now that i want to upgrade to 1.7 whats the best way to do so . I have a reasonable amt of products abt 4k with transaction history of 5k customers etc etc .Do not want to loose data at the same time as the old corrupted 1.6 version store is all ready running cant afford any downtime.

I want to develop the new website (while the old one(1.6 corrupted version) still keeps running. Once the development of new website is done some how need to get point the old domain name to the new website .

Any experts out there plz help . Although I have my own way for this , but still want to make sure if any experts out there can suggest a better way and more secure way .
Any help or advice appreciated.

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