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Configurable - Simple product auto generator. 
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Ok so, I noticed that once I made a configurable product and started making simple products, some new stuff showed up in the Associated Products tab.

There’s a section called “Super product attributes configuration”

In this section, it starts listing all of my configurable attributes with each selectable option.

There should be a way to fill this stuff out and AUTO GENERATE each of the possible simple products, rather than having to do it one at a time.

This would solve soo many people’s problems without even having ton implement something new like the bundles package. All we would need to do is take a look at all of the possible options, set up the prices for them, and then press “Generate Simple Products”. It would go through all of the possible combinations of options (Large White Shirt) (Small White Shirt) (Medium Orange Shirt) (Large Orange Shirt) and create those simple products.

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Summerville, SC

I feel your pain Brett.... I just discovered the same thing and posted a plea in the How Do I forum section.  There has got to be a simpler way to add a simple product with multiple options instead of creating a faux product in the list for all of the options (colors, sizes, etc).  We will end up with thousands of products but only 10 real products.

I wish all of the optional drop downs were on the same page, so we could just check and go, and maybe several columns so we could check the color, size, etc, and price ALL on the same page, save once, and it only create 1 product in the list.  I guess I am dreaming.  And I discovered (at least I couldnt do it) a way to add more attributes to a product you have already created.  You have to start over with the new config product. 


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