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Upload Images - Wrong directory
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-11-07

Hey everyone.

I just finished to costumize my magento template along with the skin and created a first bunch of products.
After i was done, i checked the frontend where not a single image was shown in the category and product pages.

So i returned to the backend and it seems that no image was saved, even though i uploaded all of them, saved
the product and received the “Your changes has been saved” notification.

After a bunch of re-tries t became obvious that the images are all uploaded properly as they are stored permanently
in the media/tmp/catalog/product/h/o/ directory. But there are no images in media/catalog/ or any of its subcategories.

Of course i did not change any of the backend files, nor the directory structure.

I resetted my htaccess file where i used URL rewrites but that didnt solve the problem.
The php value memory limit is set to 512MB.

I’m running version on a server hosted by

Additionally, I set up a testing environment on my local machine using almost the same settings throughout the
backend and the image upload works just great.

All permissions on /media/ and its subdirectories are of course set to 777.
I searched for threads dealing with this matter but only found alot of different issues.

Since I am so close to getting this job done any kind of help is highly appreciated.

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