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Extension that moves shipping calculation to a user script? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2011-03-09

I find that there are no set of modules that offer our complete shipping calculation needs, and I was wondering if something exists (or could be built) that could move the shipping box / weight calculation to some custom PHP code, but hides the developer from the details of Magento development.

I’m thinking of an extension for shipping that calls a PHP class / function with the content of the cart, and that function returns a list of box sizes and weights.  Upon return, the extension calls the configured shipping module(s) with the box/weight information for the price information to return to Magento.

All of the packaging logic would be in the custom PHP script so it can be easily implemented and maintained without having to deal with all the specific knowledge of Magento (other than maybe the objects representing cart line-items and products passed to it).

Make sense?  Does anything like this exist?  Does anyone want to write it? smile

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