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Magento ver. Discount Coupons
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Joined:  2009-04-06

Hi everyone I am trying to add a discount coupon on the above version of magento and have followed the instruction from Magento to the letter,

I have a group of swatches that are sold on the site and if customers order they get a discount coupon to re-imberse them on the order when they place it by entering the coupon code swatch and it refunds thier $3.00.

I can get the coupon itself to work on all products ie with no “conditions or rules set”

However as soon as I try to place the rule if ANY of the items in cart = SKU then i list the individual SKU the rule then becomes invalid at the coupon entry page?

also I have noticed that on the create rule page I do not have an option for which website this is to show in? Is there a bug here I do not know of?

The only other parameter which may be affecting it is that all the products are SIMPLE PRODUCTS would this affect anything?

Looking for any help tutes etc.

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