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[How do I] add Telephone and Company fields to the ‘Create An Account’ Form? 
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Joined:  2009-03-28
Brighton, UK and Malaga, Spain

I thought this would be so straight-forward - lol

All I want to do is add two fields (which exist in the checkout registration form) to the ‘quick’ Create An Account form - the ‘Telephone’ and ‘Company’ fields.

I tried the Wiki for adding fields to the registration form but just got in a complete mess and ended up having to restore from a backup (plus the Wiki is meant for adding ‘new’ fields, but the ones I want should exist somewhere in the system).

Does anyone know an easy(ish) answer for this?  (would have thought adding a phone number would be useful for a lot of Magento users as well).

Many thanks in anticipation!  grin


(ps. I really need this function for wholesale customers, so if necessary, I’ll pay for having this done by someone who knows what they’re doing - just PM me)

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