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A Glitch in Payment Processing? 
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I was wondering if anyone had a same problem with processing customer’s payment:

After I created an invoice for an order, the system says my customer had paid the balance.
And it shows the full numbers of his Credit Card Numbers on customer’s payment information!! Danger!  Which never happened
before (only last 4 digits shows usually).. I contacted my gateway system, they told
me no transaction has processed and can not even find the customer information.

So basically Magento processed the payment on its own without sending it to my gateway system.
On top of that, my customer’s Credit card Numbers are fully visible.

Because Magento doesn’t let me delete an order that’s processed, all the information is still there.

Had anyone experienced this? My gateway company suggested I contact my shopping cart company..

Does anyone know why this happens and how I can prevent it? I feel like this could be insecure. Does it affect my
customer’s credit card?

Please Please advice.~~ Anyone?

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