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Discount on Grouped / Bundled Products
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can anyone help me, having a problem with grouped / bundled products.

my magento site is intended to sell kitchens. So I will have kitchen sinks, kitchen cubpoards, worktops etc, all the different parts of a kitchen basically.

I also want to have a kitchen suits category that brings together individual products.

For example a kitchen suite would have a certain sink, cupboards, taps, oven etc. However, I want the customer to be able to exclude certain items from the bundle, for example if they like everything about the suit but the kitchen sink, they can take that out of the suite and still buy the rest.

I had a look and the grouped products seems like the best bet for me, it managed stock of all the individual products etc and allows the user to minus out (qty to 0) if they want to exclude an item from the suite.

My problem is that I want to specify a cheaper price for the suite than the total price of all the individual products put together. So if they buy the entire suite, they get the suite for £100 instead of the components full price of £130. This price obviously only applies if they buy the full suite, if they exclude items, they have to pay component prices instead.

I also looked at bundled products which seems to work a bit better in that I can set the bundled product price to be 0, then the component product prices to be slightly cheaper, but there they get the cheaper prices even if they don’t buy the full bundle.

I’m totally at a loss as to how to proceed with this. Any ideas I would be grateful.

If you need any more information please let me know.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Graye,
I know its quite some time when you wrote the post - but did you get the Discount Only on Full Bundle to work?

I have a applied Basket Rules - but its a shame that you cant just set Special Price + Apply to Full Bundle Only

IanH (mjhian)

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