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Is there a way to create a static page with a dropdown that refers to different products? I am trying to do this:

I have 6 products:

Cinnamon - 60 Cap
Cinnamon - 90 Cap
Cinnamon - 450 Cap
Cinnamon - 700 Cap
Cinnamon - 1150 Cap
Cinnamon - 1400 Cap

I would like to have a main Cinnamon page with description and picture and a dropdown with these products in it. I can’t do a configurable product because it asks for a price for the main page.

Another option would be to have the products listed in a table with a Buy button next to each product.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Bob,

I’ve done it using a grouped product.

Cinnamon would be your grouped product and the variants would be the simple products that are linked to it.

Out of the box, the simple products aren’t dispayed like a dropdown: they are displayed in a table. The good thing is that there’s also
an input box for the customer to order right away. In the shop that I’m creating, I’ve inserted an hyperlink over every simple product. As such, from the grouped product, you can go straight to the simple products. Easy and idiot-proof.

With some code-tweaking (I’ve done it), you can modify the product/view/type/grouped.phtml file to display the simple products in a dropdown.



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