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Display simple product SKU associated to a configurable product inside the Product view and in the Checkout page
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Hello everyone,

Offcourse we are starting our very first steps in this huge project called magento and so far we’re very good and i also expect to clarify my doubt.

The problem is simple.

I have an Configurable Product, ok?

Inside this product i have associated two products with diferent SKU’s, different SIZES and different prices.

First of all… is it posible to show inside the configurable product view (frontend) the simple products sku in the same page?

Is it also posible to see when changing for eg. the sizes medium to large (a dropdown attribute) the refering simple product SKU…

i mean when we select a different size well the price changes dinamically so shouldn’t the sku also change? (sounds weird but it would be very functional for the store) since there are customers that before adding to the cart should have interest in calling to the store and say:

“Well manager i’m seeing this awesome t-shirt with the SKU “blablabla”, can you check if the price is correct or not” - Offcourse the manager with sku can see directly in it’s database which product the client is refering to instead of seeing only by it’s price or it’s name…

I hoe you guys get the point..

also my third option would be display the simple product sku in the checkout page…

If someone has any ideas on this i would appreciate..nevertheless an EXCELENT work by Magento Team!

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