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How I mananged to import products with multiple-images and multiple-languages
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Richard H - 14 April 2008 01:14 AM

Getting my first products into Magento with DataFlow toke me some hours, but after lots of trial & errors and lots of reading on this forum I learned a lot. I will explain here how I managed to import products with multiple-images and multiple-languages.

My store configuration:
Website - Store - Store View (default)
Website - Store - Store View (spanish)
Website - Store - Store View (french)
Website - Store - Store View (italian)
Website - Store - Store View (german)

The CVS file
I used a CVS file, but i guess this should work just fine with a Excel XML file. I’ve attached an example of my CVS file to this post.

Magento uses the SKU as the unique identifier. So in this example of simple products, you see only one product, in 5 languages with 3 pictures. Because the rows all share the same SKU, Magento knows it is a single product.

You don’t need to supply the image, small_image and thumbnail for each language, because the image is shared between the Store Views. If you do supply the image, you will get duplicate images. The image names can be whatever you like and should be the same as the real images. The small_image and thumbnail is not autogerenated, so you need to create them as well. Lots of freeware tools are available to do this job at once. Files needs to be uploaded to your /media/import folder on you host.

The only problem I have with image at this moment is the “Excluded” option is checked on the default Store View for all images, and on all other Store Views “Excluded” isnt checked on any image. The result of this is:

- Defaul Store View “More Views” on product level doesn’t show any images. You only see the first image above More Views
- All other Store Views show all images on “More Views” of this SKU. This includes the thumbnail and the small_image. So I have each image 3 times on product level.

None-English Locale in Admin panel
When you don’t use the default, english locale, but for example the Dutch locale, your Import has to reflect the translations as well. I was using the Dutch translation for the Admin panel and couldn’t get my products Status enabled on import. When I used the translated version of Enabled ("Aan") it worked. So if you have problems importing, try to use the default locale, english.

If you think it can be done easier let me know, but this worked fine for me. It would also be nice to see some examples of other configurations. Like multiple websites, multiple stores, grouped or configurable products.

Disclaimer: My mother tongue isn’t english so don’t shoot me for my spelling and grammar.

this would be help full for me
thanks a lot

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michaelc - 18 July 2008 03:48 AM

@ Hoodgrown - In regards to the exclude button for images being checked as default when importing product, I have found a way around this. All you need to do is update your “store” column in your import file (CSV) from being admin -> default. This changes the product being imported from assigning to the backend “admin” to “store level view”. When I did this I also found that it automatically un-checks the “exclude” button on the images as well as assigning them to the store front.  cheese

This has saved me even more time in managing the products.

NB: You need to make the store listing on your import is whatever your store is named. The “default” name is the one out of the box.

Hope this helps…

Yes, helped me a lot. Wrote tons of posts but this made my images showing up in category view and no “excluded”: I imported configurable products and only the product pic was showing up. So store in my csv is admin and store_id the respective language version.

Thxs a lot!!! Now a beer and a good evening without the computer : )

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SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood distributing facility

Has anyone managed to get this working in 1.4.2?

If so what did you do?


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Hi everybody,

Coming from Oscommerce the directory structure & logic of Magento couldn’t be more messy… at least at first sight.
That said, I’m trying to upload a csv file where all products have 2 images (base +thumbnail), but after uploading the images aren’t linked to the items.
I guess that’s because my “store” field is set to admin. I tried “default” but it won’t be processed (error on parsing) and I don’t want to upload different files for each one of the three views I’m using. My products are likely to be updated very often and I just want a quick uploading process.

Another thing which is not clear to me is whether I should upload a separate file for each language, it seems to me like a huge waste of time. Is there a workaround for that? Why can’t just one single csv manage all the 3 languages I’m using like it used to be on Osc?


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I imported all my products and all my photos in magento using an XML file, but I can not see the pictures to store. but visible in the admin. I have a picture and I would like to see them with the 3 types of views.
If I want to see the photos for the store, I have to click on a “small picture (storeview) “ and “base image (storeview) “and “thumbnai (storeview) l” for each product. I have 1,000 (products)

Can someone help me? please

thank you

I am under magento

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Firebear Studio - 05 October 2013 01:18 AM

For import multiple product images and multiple product images from external URL you can use Improved Import extension

Hi, is there any free magento extension for this?

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