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Creating Configurable Items
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Magento Version is - about to upgrade to the security patch, but I do not think this will solve my issue.

I am trying to create a configurable product.  This item comes with two types of packaging.

I created two simple items, one with packaging A and one with B.  I then created a new attribute called “packaging”.  I based it on the settings for color and manufacturer, since these seem to work.  The settings are:

Attribute code: packaging
Scope: Global
Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: Dropdown
Unique Value: No
Values Required: No (although I think i want this to be yes when i get this working)
Input Validation for Store Owner: None
Apply to: Selected Product Types / Simple Product
Used to Create Configurable Product: Yes

Manage Label / Options
Titles:  Admin=Packaging StoreName=Packaging

Manage Options (values of your attribute)
Option 1:  Admin=Packaging A StoreName=Packaging A (set for default)
Option 2:  Admin=Packaging B StoreName=Packaging B

When I go to create a new product with Default Attribute Set and type Configurable Product, the next screen asks me to choose which attributes will apply.  It only lists Manufacturer and Color.  No matter what I try, I cannot get Packaging to show up on this screen, and thus I cannot create the configurable product.

What should I look for to figure this out?


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Is your packaging attribute part of the default attribute set?
If not it won’t ask you for packaging.

Also this Apply to: Selected Product Types / Simple Product should be set to configurable products.
(Doing this from memory so sorry if it’s wrong) I had a hard time figuring out configurables but custom options can be an easier way around it)

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