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Date & Time format change in Admin
Aleksander Andrijenko
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Hello guys!

I’m trying to change date format in grid:  “Admin” -> Sales -> Orders.

Where the grid is formed? In Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Sales/OrderGrid.php is only column format:


$this->addColumn('created_at', array(
'header' => Mage::helper('sales')->__('Purchased On'),
'index' => 'created_at',
'type' => 'datetime',
'width' => '100px',

I’m working on Orders Export, almost done… smile

Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

I’m reviving this thread from the past, as I have a date problem.

Magento version
Locale is set to English (United States)

In the admin -> Sales -> Orders screen, the Date column is in FORMAT_TYPE_MEDIUM ... and it makes the text in the column too long, causing it to wrap, which then makes each order occupy TWO lines ... so we can see half the number of orders we otherwise could.

Preferably, I want to format the date like Gmail does ... “M j” if the date is yesterday or older… then “g:i a” if the date is today. I dug through the code like crazy… I’ve got some incredible grep skilz, yo.

Some files I have been zeroing in on:

For the time being, I hacked around the issue simply by widening the column… originally, it was set to 100px, however it was still > 120px wide in the browser. rasberry I upped width to 150px and now the date doesn’t wrap ... “Payment Review” and “Pending Payment” order statuses are now the only data which cause order lines to be 2x tall.

File I hacked:

... should this end up being the permanent solution, I’ll override it with a Local version… but I’d rather not have this be a “code” thing and it would be fantastic if this were an extension or something / anything more elegant.


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