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Custom Option (not attributes?) for products
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Joined:  2012-05-27

Hello!  I am trying to figure out both the best method to accomplish my goal and if there is an extension for it.

I run a store (that I want to migrate to Magento) that allows users to select an item (garments, hard goods, etc) in the standard fashion (with configurable options) but also allows the user to select which logo they’d like applied to their item (they can choose between 8 logos) and in some cases, which logo location they’d like the logo in (Left Chest, Left Sleeve, Right Chest, etc).  The available logo options would be the same for all products, while the logo location options may be different for different products (if available at all).  The customer can choose any combination of any options they’d like...for example, the customer can choose a red small shirt with logo A on the Left Sleeve, a red small shirt with logo A on the Right Sleeve and a red small shirt with logo B on the Left Chest.  It’s entirely up to them, they’d just need to put them into the cart separately.

Also, I need to be able to display the logo (not just the name) for the customer.  Currently, our store provides a button on each page, and when the button is pressed a pop-up appears with all the logos that are available and the customer can select visually which logo they want.

I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around how to implement it with Magento...I don’t THINK it’s an attribute (that would make my simple products jump by 24 times), it’s more of a user-selected option. 

Can anyone help me figure out what I can do to allow these options, and if there is an extension out there for this?



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