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Dear Module Creators
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This is the message and request for Module and Extensions Creators and Magento Team

The MVC and upgrade as well as fall back Magento mechanism was invented for flexibility and is safe divider between core and theme view design. Which is simply the back up of proper code - and copy of proper one with you variation or experiments.
Mostly the Magento “engine” includes all necessary components and lib rep function and whatever user needs.

When was working with my page load time, I had to squeeze may disappointment so decided to write some lines about this.

When you need to plug in form Magneto Connect lets say Content slider or Blog Theme is deferent issue :

Mostly you need add 10-15 line CSS and Some New Script ! Only to this page when the CSlider exist.
With M Connect Extension - from Tri Colors Approved Mage Designers you will get free - one or two additional CSS files - the best jQuery libraries, from early 90’ jquery 1.4 the bigest one. To 1.6 1.7 1.8.
You will add this lib almost to all opened headers in the system and the page load time decreasing by approx 1-2 sec

This is so lazy and ugly code - Why do not write or even take a look around for 20 line js only for ask it about gently - java opend new img after duration of coupe sec. This is not require the whole lib of jquery !!! Why do they use only not compressed how about jquery.min ??

The compression - the best file for servers/system is asking something to do and exit. Why do modules creators writing everything in hidden messages between code lines - the only one for many put addtional PDF file with manuals or instruction for changes. This is so close to make Spam file headers like the FB Wall in header files and attached the img there

This is not acceptable that approved by Magneto Designers will spread around whatever they want - mostly my disappointment is for couple of them which writing the code overwritten the base files xml and Magento Core files. This proceeder is often even that extension will block you admin until you asked hoster for yesterday

The Magento Connect is ecosystem and place where u may boost you sales. Soon or a later the downloader your marvelous free extension will be informed by other IT that downloaded code which is crap.

The other issue is my understanding how its happens - the new extension or whole module may be working with unknown configuration. OK so is better to prepared it with anything lets say self components because maybe some extension was overwritten every thing good and I need to add html css js xml phtml brand new .... The extension should provide dependency and have visible content. Some of them would be never donloaded or coded .

This is sick and something which is opposite to all goods in ZF Mage MVC and design theming order.

The good advice for newbies with free extension !!!

Make the second similar to original system and test downloaded extension here .

The very big ask for Magento Moderators and Team. Please Worn your Approved Designers that you checked randomly extension for guides and rules and the problematic extension will be removed.

Thanks Scripterix

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