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What do you actually do to get Fed-Ex rates working? 
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I’m confused. With our normal Fed-Ex Account No plugged into the Fed-Ex Shipping Methods section in Magento, I get good live rates from Fed-Ex.

But reading up on the info from Fed-Ex I need to get a developers key for test before moving into Production. This is all new to me.

When I try the Test Account number from the Developer’s key that I’ve received, I no longer get rates back, just an error. I think i could be using the wrong number somehow but its not clear which to use, I have a Test security Code, Test Account No., Test Meter number.

As Magento is a fully fledged ‘tested ‘ system, ie I’m not creating my own module, or customisation this, does it mean I should just apply for a Production key as the code testing has already been done, I would think ... ?

Also, how come my std Fed-Ex account number works anyway, before I even signed up to their Developer program?

Hope someone can make some sense of this ..


Julian Robbins

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