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“Allow HTML-tags on Front-end” Off by default FAIL ! 
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I’m fairly new to Magento, but I all but a good first impression to see ugly html content when doing a fresh install with some show-off sample content.
if the sample content wouldn’t contain <ul>’s in In Depth’s field then I can understand that setting being disabled by default.
But if the sample content has it, then it should be set to On.

Nothing worse then having to google arround with very commons keywords for 30 minute before being able to correctly view a simple product page without thinking “argh, wth is that ?” I mean… that’s not exactly a good impression.

It’s becuase a friend of mine recommended Magento to me, but else I’d probebly have deïnstalled it already.

So I here by suggest strongly to either get rid of the html sample content or set “Allow HTML-tags on Front-end” to “Yes” by default.

Don’t get me wrong though, the rest looks pretty friggin’ awesome in the demo and is very promising.
So, I’m hoping to be as positive and happy about Magento as the rest of you.


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