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Give discount for early payment offline order? 
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I will soon be in the process of setting up Magento for my website. We will have quite a few customers that will not go online to order and pay by CC. Instead they will call or fax us with their order and they will want Net 30 payment terms. We would like to encourage them to pay sooner than Net 30 by offering a discount for early payment. So if there invoice is for $10,000 we would like to let them know that if they pay by Net 15, then they will receive a discount of 3% and so their new total would be $9,700. They will likely choose this option so when they send in their check it will be for the lower amount but their invoice would indicate that $300 is still owed. Is there an easy way to do this? My developer seems to think not. Thanks!
(alternatively, we would want their bill to go UP if they do not pay by Net 30. How do we do that as well?)

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