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Moving from OS Commerce
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We currently run around 8 stores on a heavily modified version of OS Commerce. We’ve been modifying it over the years to suit our needs and fit each store, but we’re now considering moving over to Magento for future stores (and possibly older stores although the upgrade path wouldn’t be simple due to the customisations)

I have a couple of questions that a days play with Magento haven’t been able to answer for me.

1) I’ve figured out how easy it is to create products with sizes for things like t-shirts using attributes. However I don’t like the use of a dropdown box. Is it possible/easy to change the product page to look something like this, where each size is in a table and you can select varying quantities for each and them all to your cart?

2) I’d like to enable certain shipping methods and payment methods to specific groups. Is this possible? I couldn’t see an option for it or an extension for that matter.

3) Is it possible to have varying minimum quantities based on customer groups? For instance for a store that works as both a marketing store (people ordering 1000’s) and as a public store (people ordering 1)? I realise I can offer discounts at different tiers, but i’d specifically like to only allow marketing customers to order at least a 1000, where as the general public can order 1.

From my limited knowledge of Magento having two stores may be a solution to this, although I haven’t fully investigated how this works and how much extra work it would cause in regards duplicate products/code.

Any help on those questions would be most appreciated and hopefully we’ll be moving to Magento soon (its been a long hard fight to get the boss to agree to even give it a go, goodbye PHP 4 and table based design!)

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