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Magento to CRM for orders and customers
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I am searching for more information on how to find someone that could do this:

I currently need to connect Magento to OasisCRM.  Normally I am fine with using Magento with a CRM, but my current client wants direct connection, so when an Order is placed, it is immediately sent to a XML processor on our server.

The client currently uses Yahoo!Stores and have this functionality currently made for their system.  To save time, i would like to mimick the XML formatting that is currently sent to their CRM.

I note the Web Services function will do what I need to and can be customized, but to my knowledge, it will not be an instantaneous send, and requires an admin/user to run the service.

Sorry if i have posted to the wrong area within the forum.  I am just looking clarification and to be hopefully pointed in the right direction.  I am not a strong back-end developer, I am mostly front-end development and will probably need a developer to complete this, I just need more knowledge about the subject before hand.


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