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need some advices bout: blocks and templates and an additional view for xml output
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i know these are a few topics for one post but maybe someone can help. This is my first time with magento and it seems to be very solid. However - I’ve read a lot of articles, posts, man and so on but there are a certain things I jet can’t grasp and the documentation is not very helpfull. Plus and that’s why I really need your help - the deadline for this project is next week and we can’t delay it.

Problem 1:  I’ve checked out Moshe’s post and this is exactly what I need and it works good for me so far. But instead of a returning html, I’d prefer to use phtml. I know it is possible to assign a phtml via template tag (ie: {{block type="mytest_custom/list" category_id="18" limit="5" template="mytest/custom/list.phtml"}} ) but for somehow it does not work. Of course this file exists but magento won’t use it. why? How do I add a custom phtml to the template tag, so that magento can use it?
I’ve tryed to add a block in my page.xml but even that does not work - so I feel a little bit lost.

Problem 2: I need an xml output for featured products. In ZF I’d disable the default layout and send instead xml headers and my XML structure/markup but as far as I can tell I can’t apply that logic that straight to magento. I guess I have to override a controller or at least an action to do so but I haven’t found any appropriate articles about it.  Maybe I’ve overseen something and I’m sure someone else needed a xml output before wink

Any help is welcome wink

Thanks in advance + sry for my bad english,

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