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Product Deletion Bugs? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-08-22

I noticed something strange happening.

Since we’re testing a large amount of import products through the API, I changed the auto-increment start to 100,000.  Now, I went and made a test product through the admin back-end, which naturally got the ID of 100,000.

I set the required attributes, saved it, then deleted the product.

Now, if I open up PHPMyAdmin and search 100000, I find that there are still a bunch of entries for 100,000, most of them under catalog_product* tables.

Why? Shouldn’t it be completely deleted when I do actions -> Delete?

This is a serious problem as now we have IDs from 1-100,000 that I can’t delete and I don’t want to have to reset Magento entirely.

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