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Magento optimization - which works? 
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We have customised e-shop based on Magento 1.6.2.

Our hosting is VPS/VMS 8GB Ram, 4 threads, SATA.

We have tried Nexcess SIP 300, but still it was not enough.
The site is slow, based on Google analytics, the average page load is about 10 sec (especially slow are category browsing and searching). And backend is slow too - product adding, product changing, order changing and so.
We have approx. 3k unique visitors daily, 50+ orders.

Our hosts says that SSD discs are not the solution, because our shop has huge amount of DB requests.

We have applied some basic optimisation - GT Speed - CSS combining, compiler, GZip,..
but we have applied a lot of customisations which probably leads to mass DB requests and does not use cache correctly.

Long sessions, category - out of stock products at the end, intelligent generating of upsell,crosssell, search optimisation, promotional gift module…

We have tried free FPC modules but they there are unreliable or do not support specific cache invalidating.

Could you recommand me somebody to analyse the site and say what needs to be done?

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No analysis required, with SIP-300 you are running on 20% of the hosting you actually require for that volume with 2-3s page loads. We can put on on a special Magento platform (designed by top enterprise consultants) at 50% to start with, it can be scaled up and down as needed. You do not compress js or css, it is not necessary, however too much custom code or many stores and you will need 100% of the hosting and possibly more.

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