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Sync Inventory with Openbravo POS
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Joined:  2013-05-20

There are many ways in order of complexity, manual export, pre-built solution, custom code, and etl, each one if more complex than the last. The Open Source ETL tools are all very technical so you will lose a lot of time trying to get them to work and integrate, custom code takes just as long and manual is, well, manual.

The only simple way to do this is via a pre-built solution. We can put you in contact with a company who does integrations between any software platforms and is business focused so time to market is fast, almost all of the other tools and solutions are technical focused so time to market is slow and expensive as they spent just as long building it themselves. It depends which is more important, time (which you need to spend more) or cost (which means you need to use more time), normally people want both but that is not very realistic.

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Mohan R
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It is possible to connect openbravo and magento. The magento is frontend and openbravo is backend. It is a two way process magento to openbravo and openbravo to magento. Fully based on Webservices on both Openbravo and Magento side.The Magento Openbravo Connector is a module for integrating Openbravo and Magento eCommerce systems. With this module you can synchronize customers, products and sales order from Magento into Openbravo Professional Edition.

More reference:

Associate Software Engineer,
Mitosis Technologies Pvt., Ltd.,

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