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Send display currency to Payment Gateway
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A developer has developer a custom payment gateway module for me. He has hard coded the $currency sent to the gateway as USD using the code 840. So at the moment it does not matter what currency you choose in the front end, it always sends USD as your base currency. Even if you choose in the Admin section display currency does it not matter.

See code included below. I have tried changing the 840 to $currency but only get an Error 99. Basically the if statement for getting the currency higher up in the file does not work and hence the error. Please have a look at the IF statement and if someone can suggest how to change it to make it work, I will be always grateful.

This is where the currency is hard coded and if I change the 840 to $currency it gives the error.


This is the if statement which is suppose to get the display currency - but it ain’t working.

if($this->getConfigData('currency') == 'display'){
$amount $order->getTotalDue();

If you need to see more code, let me know.

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