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layered navigation
Jr. Member
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Hi there,
I’ve seen this topic discussed in many places already but it still seems not to have a solution that works for everybody.
So my problem is: I have managed to show layered navigation. At first it will not load anything else but categories in the navigation, then I followed the advice from here: and the nav started showing correctly. The only problem was that on home page the links from this navigation won’t do anything, when clicked nothing is loaded. Although if you’re on a different page, i.e. category for example, the layered nav works perfectly.
I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight into why is only failing on the home page.
I’m attaching an img of what my category structure looks like where Inicio is set as an anchor.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i’m really stuck on this, i’ve tried so many suggestions and each works just partially.

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