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The Infamous PayPal #10002 Error Security Header Is Not Valid
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-08-28

I have tried many proposed solutions in other forum posts, but none seem to work for me.

I have tried all types of PayPal methods and the only one I can get working is the one that simply redirects the customer to the PayPal website, however we want to be able to process payments within Magento and also offer Express Checkout.

As above, I’ve tried messing around with deleting API usernames and passwords, flushing the cache etc. but with no luck.

If there’s anything else I can try, please let me know.  Ironically, I decided to try PayPal as it was built-in and I’d already failed to get the SagePay module working due to a 404 error in the configuration screen.

Thanks in advance.

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