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Manage Huge Set of Attributes in Magento
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Dear community,

a company I work for tries to bring all their product attributes to their magento store (right now, they only have the product description and name online). Here starts the problem.

The database contains about 10.000 attributes because it’s pretty detailed. About 50.000 products have in average 10 attributes set such that the product_attributes table has about 500.000 entries.

I wrote a script that creates all the attributes in the magento store (using magento api). I’m sure there is a better solution using data flow import or something different. However, this is not the problem I have.

The problems are the following:

1. I have the feeling that creating 10.000 attributes yields to the fact that one cannot edit attribute sets anymore, because the edit page loads all the attributes for giving a drag&drop;tool in order to assign attributes to their category (in the attribute set). Am I right? And if so, what can I do in order to make this tool still work?

2. Creating attributes and setting the product’s attributes does not show the attributes on the frontend because the attributes have to be assigned to a category (general, prices, ...). Is there a way to assign attributes to the attribute set’s category directly using the magento API?

I would be happy if somebody had the same problem and could solve this.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Best regards

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